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Fragments Media promotes inclusive art, social justice, and transformation through documentary photography and image activism.
A black and white side headshot of a drag queen, wearing a big white flower in her hair and a flashy dress.
Argintina, a two-spirit diva and indigenous drag artist - 2022
A close-up of three activists standing next to each other and giving the camera their backs, as they address the audience. The two on the outside have their adjacent hand on the middle activist's shoulders for support.
Activists at a Missing and Murdered Indigenous Women and Girls awareness rally May 5, 2022 - Calgary, Canada
A female artist dancing a traditional Egyptian dance with a sugarcane stick and wearing a black sequin embroidered dress.
Traditional Egyptian folklore performance by Radwa Nasr at Mama Africa Night, African Arts and Cultural Centre 2022 - Calgary, Canada
Lead actor is narrating lines to the supporting actor, who is leaning on a locker door at a school corridor while giving the camera his back.
Cast and crew of D.P.I. on set the pilot series. D.P.I is an independent TV series written by actor and director Harrison Szutu.
three Canadian indigenous men drumming on wooden frame drums. Breath and fog is coming out of their mouth as they sing.
"Resurgence of Culture and Sing With Hope"
Powerful rhythms of healing and hope by the Indian American Movement and The Sober Crew, as they drum to bring the community together - Calgary, Canada
A male artist posing for his street portrait, wearing a flat white cap and a black leather jacket.
Italian artist and bass player, Stefano - Firenze, Italy c. 2018
A female street performer dancing Flamenco with passionate expressions on her face.
Flamenco folklore dancer - Sevilla, España
A low-angle of drag queen giving the camera her back and posing to the left side as she dances on stage.
Lilith Fair at Pure Pride Calgary 2021
#ImageActivism   #CelebrateCultures   #InclusiveArt   #BreakingBarriers  #ChangingNarratives #FragmentsOfReality


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